Oak Island Ammunition – 45 Long Colt 250 gr RNFP TPJ – 500 rounds – New


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Caliber: 45 Long Colt
Bullet: 250 gr. Round Nose Flat Point Total Polymer Jacket
Case: New Brass Case
Rounds: 500 (5 bags of 100 rounds)


Oak Island Ammunition takes pride in producing premier ammunition that is accurate, reliable and cost-effective. All of their products are made using top grade components and rigorously tested by shooting professionals. They understand that when it comes to the ammo you train and compete with, it has to be consistent, and reliable. It is their mission to always bring you the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Weight 25.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


Muzzle Velocity (ft/s)










Oak Island Ammunition

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7 reviews for Oak Island Ammunition – 45 Long Colt 250 gr RNFP TPJ – 500 rounds – New

  1. John (verified owner)

    This is a good target ammo. The best price I can find and good standard use. I have put this through an Old Vaquero and a Henry Big Boy. It works great in both with low powder residue for cleanup and no feeding issues when firing rapidly through the Big Boy. I have not used it for hunting.

  2. Cole (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the customer service at Ammunition Planet. There was an issue with what I received, and they reached out to me to make it right. Not only did they offer a quick free replacement on their dollar, but they shipped it out super quick.
    I would absolutely order again from Ammunition Planet 100%.

  3. Brian Tidball (verified owner)

    My favorite rifle to Target shoot with is my Henry and the 45 Long Colts aren’t as affordable as a 22LR but when it’s just me shooting I’ll shoot a few. The plus for this is of of my handguns that use the same bullet. The bonus came when using a conversion cylinder on my reproduction 1851 Cap & Ball used during reenactments. I had gotten the cylinder mainly for the ease of using blanks verses muzzle loading. These bullets were just a fraction shorter (the bullet not the brass) they work perfectly in this gun without the height blocking the cylinder from rotating as my other 45 long Colts. I put those 500 rounds into a separate Ammo Can and labeled it for that one gun but will be ordering more!

  4. Darrell Phipps (verified owner)

    I’m using this ammunition in my 1892 Winchester. Accurate ammo and fed without any issues.

  5. Jeff Baker

    It shoots great out of a 4.75” single action. Plenty of power without the +p kick one gets when shooting a handgun made for +p. It’s not as stout as I’d like for hunting out of my 1892 carbine but that’s what the underwood and Buffalo Bore are for. Here in the Appalachian mountains we have extremely huge bodied bucks so it takes a thump to get one down. It is great however for doe and hogs. Overall, this is my favorite “step up from cowboy” ammo.

  6. John Sechrest (verified owner)

    Shoots very well, consistent. Used them in three barrel lengths including a snub nose and still very accurate.

  7. Ewa Olech (verified owner)

    This is great ammunition. First rate brass and polymer sealed lead projectiles. Quite a bit hotter than some factory standard .45 LC loads (Fiocchi, Magtech). I’m getting more.

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