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.45 ACP Small Primer Brass – 100


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Caliber: .45 ACP
Info: small primer, mixed headstamp, polished and processed
Pieces: 100 (1 bag of 100 pieces)

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.45 ACP small primer mixed headstamp, polished and processed brass – 100 pieces
* May contain large primer or ringed primers on occasion.

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in






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1 review for .45 ACP Small Primer Brass – 100

  1. Chad (verified owner)

    I tried these cases for the first time at the peak of the ammo crisis. Price was reasonable per piece. Shipping was on the high side for a small order, but becomes more palatable with a higher quantity purchase. Processing and delivery were very fast. 1000 round packs were not available at the time of purchase, so I purchased 10, 100 round bags instead.

    I received my brass in a single bag. It was heavy duty, well protected, and shipped in a box made of heavy cardboard with extremely well adhered tape along all edges.

    The good: Total quantity was slightly over, at 1026 pieces. Overall quality and cleanliness were acceptable. See the following section..

    The neutral: The cases appear to have been cleaned somehow. The brass was free of corrosion and relatively shiny underneath, however everything was coated in a filmy residue that turned my fingers gray from handling even a few cases. They even turned my tumbling media gray when I re-cleaned them. Only 4-5 still had primers, and a similar number still had a primer crimp that needed removed.

    The bad: Not a terrible fallout, especially if throwing in a few extra cases is standard procedure, but there were 6-7 cases that were smashed or dented beyond salvage.

    The In-between: They are upfront in advertising that large primer cases could make it in with small primer brass. That said, I would consider 91 pieces, or 9% of the good cases, to be too high. Ultimately I have a different bullet and load workup that will make it easy to separate the cases and make use of everything, but that high of a percentage might not be such a pleasant surprise for some reloaders.

    I appreciate the work and service required to supply the reloading community at a fair price, and will purchase again.

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